Packing For Your Move

If you decide to pack your belongings for your next move yourself here is 10 tips to help with the process.

  • Order packaging materials in plenty of time and avoid leaving to the last minute.¬†Buy a variety of sized boxes, bubble wrap, tape, marker pen and acid free tissue paper.
  • Declutter – Have a clear out before starting the packing.
  • Start with items that you do not use everyday.
  • Pack an overnight bag / box with essentials such as, toilet paper, toiletries, phone chargers, small tool kit and anything else that you may use everyday.
  • Do not pack boxes to heavy.
  • Make sure each box is taped shut.
  • Pack one room at a time.
  • Breakables should be wrapped in bubble wrap and/or tissue paper. As a money saver, clothes, pillows, towels and newspapers could also help with wrapping breakables.
  • Write fragile on any boxes with breakables in.
  • Clearly label each box to enable you to know exactly where it will be placed in your new property.
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